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Solution Road, Inc. is a 2022 Telly Awards winner for excellence in video.

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Solution Road, Inc. is a full-service podcast production house. Find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, IHeart Radio, TuneIn, ListenNotes, and many other podcast platforms.

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Design and artistry is critical to our clients. The New York Times, The Emmy Awards and The Telly Awards have critiqued and rewarded our clients projects:
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Solution Road is a Professional Marketing Services Provider.

We develop customized solutions that help organizations grow in the right direction, connect with stakeholders, and realize meaningful and relevant gains on a local, national, and global level.

Solution Road works with corporate and non-profit clients to review immediate and future needs in the areas of marketing, strategy, sponsorship, and business development.

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Hire Solution Road for our talent in successful fundraising, strategy and media networks. We work for clients to design and implement strategic plans that will have impact, be creative, successful and exciting.


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Telly Awards Winner
Solution Road

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    What Our Clients
    Are Saying

    I was so impressed by the blend of personality, hard work and ability to understand the larger scope of the networking efforts with between Emory and TBS/CNN that I referred her to a collegue in TV sales at NBC where those skills are highly valued.

    She is one of those rare talents that is able to find and negotiate complex partnerships/relationships in which both sides feel that they have gained.

    Hector G Campos / VP Content Strategy at UP and ASPiRE

    Sarah is a can-do, highly creative success story. What she can do with minimal resources and her maximum intellect is amazing!

    Chris Allen / Partner at The Preservation Group

    If there was ever one person who nailed it in naming their business, it would be Sarah. Solution Road is just that!! Having worked extensively with Sarah for a very important project for UPS, ‘Black Voices from Big Brown’. 

    The level of passion she brought to the table was unmatched, and she never faltered in stepping it with a slate of potential solutions to any problems we encountered.
    Sarah possesses tremendous foresight as well, being able to see potential issues and head them off with quick thinking. Her network of associates is vast and provides her with the ability to provide quick turnaround for tasks at hand. 

    I honestly am not sure that the BVBB project would have been as successful as it was without her drive and focus keeping use steered onto the right road.

    Jayson Martin / Graphic Communications Professional, Experienced Logistics Management Professional, Branding & Promotions Specialist at UPS