Lets talk about bandwidth…..and I don’t mean digital….

Starting a small company is very hard work, and your goals are to bring in clients, do purposeful, impactful work, and of course, make money for the mortgage.

I was told by a very smart gentleman, Mr. John Ried, former VP of Corporate Responsibility for the Coca-Cola Company, to watch my ‘bandwidth’ and boy, he was right.

I met John for coffee and as we talked, he took the reigns on mentoring me…reflecting on that meeting, I can say with all truth that it was the very best mentoring session I have ever had.  He ended our hour and a half coffee with “one last, very important concept,” – BANDWIDTH.

Audacity, stupidity, desire to succeed – all of these things help us rebuff any shortcomings, or perceived shortcomings, that we perceive from others.

“I can do it!”  “Don’t underestimate me!”  “Bandwidth? Don’t you know how talented I am?”  — and so forth. 

Circling back to the on-set of starting a company, I now have these thoughts to share – Take your ego, send it to the country, lay it out on a blanket, tell it to rest awhile, then instruct it to find the morning star and follow it for a long, long time.

Bandwidth – how much can you do, and why is it important?  Can you fulfill your obligations to your client? You better.  You better wow and amaze them, and this takes time, hard work and stretches both yours’ and your employees’ bandwidth. 


Bandwidth  – noun

  1. Telecommunications: 
    the smallest range of frequencies constituting a band within which a particular signal can be transmitted without distortion.
  2. Digital Technology: 
    the transmission capacity of an electronic communications device or system; the speed of data transfer: a high-bandwidth Internet connection.
  3. Mental capacity; intelligence: 
    Don’t listen to him—he has really low bandwidth.
  4. A person’s capacity to handle or think about more than one thing at the same time: 
    He doesn’t have the bandwidth to make those kinds of decisions.