Social Media is a dynamic part of the Solution Road business plan for our clients.  We bring exposure, recognition and loyalty to our clients through Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.  After all, people want to do business with people not logos, and social media is a great way to make that connection.

So what about you?  Are you a small business looking to dip a toe into the world of social media?  Keep in mind that your business should be taking advantage of digital marketing strategies online…if not; you’re leaving money on the table.


Here are 5 good reasons to Incorporate Social Media into your Marketing Plans.

  1. Increase in Exposure: 85% of marketers noted gains in business exposure due to Social Media
  2. Increase in Traffic: 76% of marketers report positive results in increased traffic
  3. Brand Recognition: You can build a reputation for its brand around your company’s values, benefits and advantages
  4. Lead Generation: 55% of marketers on Social Media experienced improvement in search rankings
  5. Improved Sales: A significant 45% have indicated an increase in sales

Need more proof?  The big boys are already doing it in a big way.  Procter & Gamble spent more than a third of their 5.8 billion dollar marketing budget on digital initiatives in 2013.

If you have questions about the world of Social Media, let Solution Road guide you down that path.  We are here to help!