verb  re·in·vent  \ˌrē-ən-ˈvent\

Simple Definition of REINVENT

  • to make major changes or improvements to (something)
  • to present (something) in a different or new way


OK – I know a lot about reinvention. Why? Because I’m one of those people who take risks that pay off and I think big – I outgrow my jobs, as well as my supervisors, so reinvention, for me, is crucial.

What does ‘reinvent’ really mean?  It means creating a broader identity, utilizing your skills to their fullest, and, this is only my opinion, taking stock of what you love to do and focusing on that.

Step 1: Life Raft
Well, to me, reinvention means taking stock, communicating to your contacts – no matter what happened in your previous situation!  Be honest and tell them! – Some will help some will not – but your not looking for help right now – you’re looking for a life raft.

Step 2: Stop and Don’t Think
This step is easier said than done, but it is essential.  Think about your next step – do you have any damage control to do? Who needs to know what? Do what you must, but always be honest and never

Step 3: Action!!  READ………..
Clean up your resume – talk to people – old and new – go to trade meetings – and read the damn newspaper, please. Read the NY Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, and your local Business Chronicle. If you really want to have something to talk about (and have superior knowledge) read The Economist and the New Yorker.  Why? Because.

Step 4: You Can Do It? Crow Doesn’t Have to Taste Bad
Remember these words and write them down and put them in place where you will see them everyday – DILIGENCE and PERSISTENCE and ACUMEN.  If you burned a bridge at your last job – or dropped an atomic bomb, perhaps, these words will carry you through the crow-eating. I like mine with hot sauce. 

Step 5: Begin and Produce
No matter what you think, your actions will carry you through your life – some will hit you in the head like a 2×4, others will help you create and grow.  You must work, and sometimes you will get paid no money – BUT – you will learn, and that is a kind of payment, ok?

Step 6: Give To Others
I lost a job a long time ago because my workplace did not want to hire African-Americans.  Yes – true.  I did not buy in, accept this or act with disinterested complacency  – that’s only for cowards.  It was rough – I admit – but I would do the same thing again, and I would be able to live with myself.  My supervisors gave me a last check, which I deposited and immediately pledged the funds as a scholarship to a young African American girl who was studying documentary filmmaking.  That was the best money I ever spent.  The best……..