around and around we go

It is SO exciting, right? When you get a call from someone who “wants to hire you” – when you have your own company or business. It feels GREAT!! 

You listen, you think and the create your proposal. You hope they like it – THEY DO!! You’re hired.

OK – get to work. Get invested – and start to really understand what your new client is doing and – even more importantly – understand what they NEED. Make sure that you offer insights gently, with suggestion rather than assertion, as client relations are a delicate dance.

Aaaahhhhhh – Welcome to The New Client Honeymoon phase.  It’s fun! You love each other! Your ideas are the best thing since sliced bread (which, personally, I think is overrated), and your ideas are great!! You’re a genius!

OK – the Honeymoon phase ends… it’s time to do the inevitable — re-invent the relationship. What does this mean, and what does it entail?  This means and entails that you must now remember that you have a client and you have been hired to serve and service a business, and you must have fresh ideas – you must be able to see around the corners of your clients business before they do – and even though you’ve gone to lunch with your client and know that her new boyfriend is a jerk and she’s going to break up with him before HE knows – – you’re NOT friends – and your role is to serve and service a business!!!

I’m saying that you can NEVER be comfortable in the relationship. You can’t fart or burp – it’s not an ‘unconditional’ arrangement – you must always be on your toes.

Here’s the kicker:  even if you are on your toes and you don’t burp of fart, and your ideas and execution are great, you can still lose your client. This IS going to happen. Many clients will stop utilizing your services – and they will stop for no good reason. Your work is good, your approach is good, your relationship is good! But they will still go away – and you will feel badly about it.

Now, the real lesson is this – DON’T FEEL BADLY ABOUT IT!!!  You did great work –  now keep going and do some MORE good work!! Get, not 1 new client, but go get 2!! You can do it. You will do it. I’m doing it – – and I’m making more money by being positive and giving my clients the best work I can. You do that – – and your revolving door of clients will keep spinning – exactly as it should.